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Russia, as the Soviet Union, did not even enter the World Cup as a UEFA member until 1958; at the time they could just as easily have joined the AFC. It has been in existence since 1954.

Israel is most certainly a country in Asia but is not recognised by some of the other nations in the region, so participates as a member of UEFA. Australia, tired of a lack of competition in the Oceania region, left JuniorCor messi drakt NormaAbat the confederation for Asia in 2006.

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There are precedents here. Kazakhstan is another vast country, spanning continents. After the break-up of the Soviet Union, it was part of the Asian Football Confederation, taking part in the Asian Cup jalkapallo pelipaikat in 1996 and 2000, before joining UEFA in 2002.

While 75 per cent of their population live in European territory, that doesn’t mean they could no longer compete for their country. Russian clubs could win continental championships and try JuniorCor messi drakt NormaAbat to map a path to the World Cup in 2026. They just couldn’t do it via European tournaments.

Where could Russia play? Asia, if their federation would have them. After all, 77 per cent of Russia’s landmass is not in Europe. It’s Asian; a part of the world that — if the United Nations vote on Russian aggression in Ukraine is any indicator — is more relaxed about Putin’s foreign policy than we are here.